Guitar Lessons

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Learn Songwriting, Theory & Musicianship

London Guitar Teacher

London Guitar Teacher

Study guitar & sharpen your skills with the best. Our private lesson option provides everything you’ll need–we customise lessons based on what you want and need to work on. Learn a new skill and have fun while you do it!

Guitar Lessons London

Guitar Lessons London

Go beyond the basics and learn the nuts and bolts of music and create your own. Finish your songs or start creating with our accomplished songsmiths to kickstart your creativity!

Guitar Lesson

Guitar Lesson

    • Learn and understand methodically from a caring professional
    • Learn to play songs you enjoy
    • Lead, rhythm & solo guitar playing
    • Technique & improvisation
    • Composition & tune writing
    • Music theory & its practical application
    • Understand methodical approaches
  • Music Teacher

    Music Teacher


      LONDON GUITAR LESSONS Guitar Lessons All Styles

    • Sample Curriculum Resources

      Learning to play the guitar is a lot like learning to speak a new language – where do you even start?
      One step at a time – since everyone is different and you learn at your own pace, it’s important to have a custom tailored lesson plan that accentuates your strengths and improves your weaknesses.

    • Beginner: 
      Guitar Anatomy
      How to hold and handle
      Open Chords
      Rhythm and Strumming patterns
      Notes in 1st position
      1st position chords
      Pentatonic Scale (open position)
      Basic Music Theory
      The Staff and Reading
      Chord Construction
      Time and counting
      Three Chord Theory
      Blues (Basic)
      1-2 songs
      Power Chords
      Barre Chords
      Pentatonic scales
      Blues – Improvisation
      Alternate Picking
      Rock improvisation
      Chart Reading
      Chord Symbols
      Notated chords
      Harmonic Structure
      Major scales
      Arpeggios – basic
      Songwriting basics
      5 songs
      Major scales
      Minor scales – Harmonic, Melodic
      Chord substitution
      Advanced reading – Sight reading
      “Parker” Blues
      Rhythm Changes
      Chord Melodies
      Arpeggios – Advanced
      Jazz Theory
      Arranging for guitar
      Advanced chords
      10 Songs
  • London Guitar Lessons
  • London Guitar Teacher

    London Guitar Teacher Guitar-Lessons-London

  • Guitar Tuition For All Ages & Levels Guitar Lessons London teachers specialize in helping students of all ages and levels achieve their musical goals. It’s never to early to begin or late to start so give us a try today!
    • You can learn to…

    • Become a well-rounded guitar player in any style including
    • rock guitar lessons
    • pop guitar lessons
    • blues guitar lessons
    • folk guitar lessons
    • jazz and funk guitar lessons
    •  learn guitar chords,
    • guitar scales
    • how to get a great guitar sound.
    • It’s all about a custom tailored lesson planYou might rock at 1st position chords but have trouble with barre chords or you might have a good ear but a hard time reading sheet music – the point is that everyone is different and going to hit different roadblocks when they try to learn the guitar.You need someone that is willing to work with you through the rough patches until you can play with your eyes closed!Learn to play blues, rock, singer songwriter, indie, pop, and more:
      • Music theory
      • Songwriting
      • Individual lessons
      • Group guitar – up to 3 people

      Choose the lessons that fit your schedule:


      GUITAR LESSONS London Guitar Tuition

    • And there’s more…You can ALSO learn…..

    • All printed material are provided in your guitar lessons, no books necessary! In addition to the included written material the audio of the lesson (song) is available online via the many online music streaming sites, or iTunes (if the student wishes to purchase the song). A video of Guitar Lessons London performing the material at a slower tempo is also available on youtube, with an explanation of anything the student had trouble with during the guitar lesson also included on video. So that gives you a very experienced teacher, written material, digital audio, and video! Feel free to call ) 07957 230 354 or click here to ask any questions or to sign up for lessons.……. 
    • Your Musical Success Is Our Mission. We seek to provide students of all ages and abilities a complete music education experience, including music theory and performance experience…..

In a nut shell…If you are looking for London Guitar lessons, look no further! I have  20 years training under professional guitarists. 15 years private teaching experience Experience playing in Rock, Blues,Folk  Indie & Jazz During our guitar lessons I will teach you exercises that will strengthen and develop your skills as a guitar  player, increase your scale and chord knowledge, and help you develop your own personal voice as a guitar player and musician.We offer both half hour and hour long private guitar lessons.