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We love the blues, and in this area we hope to teach you how to play some blues. The process is quite simple really, but like everything worth doing, it’s going to take some practice

In this course you will:

  • Learn to play several styles of rhythm guitar, and solo over 8 and 12-bar progressions in E, G, and other keys, with varying tempos and grooves, including shuffles, straight eighth, and slow blues.
  • Play pentatonic and blues scales in 5 positions up the neck, and use those fingerings while soloing.
  • Play turnarounds, and use solo pacing and call and response techniques.
  • Play examples and progressions from several styles of blues, including Chicago blues, gospel blues, jazz blues, and minor blues.
  • Learn the techniques and licks of classic stylists, such as T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters, Lightning Hopkins, B.B. King, Earl Hooker, and Magic Sam, whether you’re trying to bring a blues sound to your playing, or interested in adding more depth to your own style.
  • Learn basic finger style and slide techniques.

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