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At Guitar Lessons London we know- playing electric guitar is not only cool, but super creative, rewarding and relaxing way to spend some spare time…so with this in mind we offer you a big WELCOME to the home of guitar lessons in London….. Guitar Lessons London helping you become the guitarist you want to be. Please call 07957-230-354 to book your lesson today!

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Congratulations on taking the first steps towards improving your guitar skills! If this is your first time looking for guitar lessons, you’ve come to the right place.Guitar Lessons London specialise in getting adult beginner and self-taught guitarists on their feet and moving towards their musical goals.Whether you are interested in a specific style or simply want to learn the basics, Guitar Lessons London private guitar lessons in London allow you to learn guitar, at your own pace.  Lessons are tailored to your musical interests and needs.  Play your favorite songs, learn to improvise on the guitar, or learn to read music and understand music theory.  You can learn to play popular guitar styles like Rock,Blues Jazz, Folk, Pop,Indie and more!  Our guitar lessons studio hosts frequent guitar-related concerts and for those interested in honing their performance skills, our Guitar Gatherings allow you to perform for other guitar students in a fun, low pressure environment.

We believe anyone can learn to play the guitar

Our courses are tailored to suit you!


relax and enjoy the satisfaction of creativity”

Here at Guitar Lessons London we believe anyone…and I mean ANYONE can learn to play the guitar. All you need are some detailed structured lessons, some gentle encouragement and of course lots of practice and you’ll be playing away in no time at all! Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional player,  our experienced pro instructors will help you take your guitar playing to the next level in any style. Our mission is to help you achieve your musical goals. Guitar lessons London helping you become the guitarist you want to be.


Private Electric & Acoustic Guitar lessons in London Get private lessons and learn how to play the guitar with a creative and passionate musician, working actively in the recording industry.

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  • Guitar Lessons London-All Ages Welcome
  • Guitar Lessons London-Electric & Acoustic Guitar
  • Guitar Lessons London-1-2-1 Tuition or Small Groups

Music Theory And Guitar Teacher

  • Whether you finally have time in your life to pick up the guitar or you want to encourage your child’s interest in music, a professional instructor can make all the difference!
    Stuart Cregger can help you obtain a mastery of the guitar and get the benefits of learning music.
  • As with any other skill set, you’ll get as much out of your lessons as you put in, but with Stuart on your side, you’ll have someone to guide you through the rough patches every person runs into while learning to play.
  • Music interacts with the brain unlike any other art form in the world
  • From simple problem solving skills to learning how to work with others to processing large amounts of information, playing music exercises mind in countless ways!
  • Interact with your audience in real time:
    • Guitar Lessons – Learn to play blues, rock, singer songwriter, indie, pop, and more – music theory, song writing, individual lessons, and group guitar – up to 3 people. Flexible scheduling.
    • Sample Curriculum – See a sample curriculum for your custom tailored guitar lessons
    • Music Links – Hear some of the music and songs you’ll be able to play
    • Testimonials – See what other guitar students have to say about our custom lessons and practical teaching style
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    London Guitar Teacher

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    relax and enjoy the satisfaction of creativity”